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You could see the sky in the paint April 11, 2012
Reviewer: Omar Famous Auto Sports from Canoga Park CA.  
To Pete and Chemical Guys,  

This 2004 Murcielago came to our shop in terrible shape,  besides the obvious engine problems, leaks, hydraulic suspension abuse, interior neglect and heavy oxidation the paint was in horrible shape.  As per your advice we washed with Citruswash and followed with fp polish, We didn't know what to expect but we had to have the car ready that very day and time was running out.  The guys applied a coat of jetseal and waited till last minute to follow with 2 coats of 53 petes.  Knowing that our clients expect the best our detail had to really bring out this 4 year old Murci.  We rolled it out of the shop around 6pm just as the sun was going down.  We could see the refection of the sky in the paint, it blew us away it was like seeing the sky in the paint,  The customer was so pleased he insisted we sell him a jar.  We didn't have one so we gave him ours.  For our customer it's 53 Petes all the way.  Unmatched depth and a finish that will make your jaw drop.

- Omar. Famous Auto Sports

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FIRE FIRE FIRE April 11, 2012
Reviewer: Jeff M. from West Hills California  
FIRE FIRE FIRE!  They say lightening never strikes twice, but anyone at the track or on the streets will tell you that 600+ hp at the wheels will strike a few times.  The guys in our club say, "It' s like a fire ball racing down the street" . For 2+ years I have been using Chemical Guys products and specifically Petes 53 Paste Wax on it.  Nothing but Petes, no polish, no elbow grease, just a nice wash ( Hello! Citruswash Clear) and a quick and easy coat of  Petes. I wipe it down  with your yellow and black towels and of course always apply with those nice foam pads. Petes keeps this ball of fire shining like a flash fire in the dark.

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The $880 dollar wax killer. April 11, 2012
Reviewer: Wesley S. from Agoura Hills CA.  
 "This stuff is truly concours"

Words do not describe the finish on my black beauty after I finished it up with 2 coats of Jetseal 109 and 1 coat of Petes paste wax.  This may be my daily driver but it shines better than the day I bought it.  Your products are second to none.  I waited 5 weeks to send you the pictures because I wanted to see how the stuff held up after several washes and a few trips to the track.  This stuff is truly concours. I have a half empty jar of a paste wax the dealer gave me with my car, $880 a jar and the stuff is JUNK, except for the cool jar, it's hard to apply, harder to remove and makes little difference. I have no idea how you guys can make such great products and still manage to keep the prices so low.  I hope the pictures I sent do your product justice. Thanks for the shine.- Wesley S. CA

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The best in the industry. April 11, 2012
Reviewer: JL Nelson  
My 1995 Dodge Stealth has 150,000 miles on it and after an application of JetSeal 109, topped with Pete's 53 it now looks BETTER than the day it rolled off the lot 12 years ago! My other vehicle is a 2005 Volvo XC 90 that now has Wet Mirror Finish topped with JetSeal 109, and it looks PHENOMENAL!

Thanks again Paul and Chemical Guys, your products and customer service are the best in the industry!
 ~JL Nelson

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Fantastic Easy to use.........Simply Magical Shine April 11, 2012
Reviewer: James Hughes  
Dear Chemical Guys

I just started using your products a few weeks ago.  I first heard about products about 2 years ago but honestly always thought detailing would be too much work.  I have paid hundreds of dollars to detail my toys and keep them in the best shape I could.  

I often read  over the forums to learn new tips and tricks about my cars. I have 5 favorite forums and  it’s amazing how many great reviews Chemical Guys products have everywhere………so I placed a small order for some products. I got the package fast and you guys even included a sample free, thank you.  At first I tried the CG-detailer, and next the clay bar.  I was a bit scared of using a polish so I went with the lightest one FP. the paint is original and as you can tell from the picture now looks amazing.  I tried the back panel of the car first and gradually worked my way to the front.  That stuff is amazing and so easy to use.  I finished with a coat of Pete’s.  I can honestly tell you even after $500 detail jobs that took my detailers hours, my car didn’t look this good.  

Your products truly speak for themselves.  ~ James Hughes

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Jetseal109 & Pete's 53 April 11, 2012
Reviewer: Robert Moore from Hawthorne, NJ United States  
Hey Guys, I just wanted to say thank you for a awesome product. I used 2 coats of the jetseal 109 followed up with 2 coats of Pete's 53. I own a 06 Trailblazer SS, and it has never looked so good. I bought the truck used so it was scratched, I was going to compound and buff it but I wanted to try something new. The jetseal made the entire tuck look amazing, I can't say enough. I am an auto body tech/painter, and the finish came out better than a fresh spray. I added 2 coats of Pete's 53 and what can I say, these are the best products I have ever used. I will continue to use your products all the time and will never switch. Also I have made a review on my website eastcoasttbss.com on how wonderful these products are. Keep up the good work.

Thanks again,

New Lifetime Customer

Rob aka nonova0074

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Thanks for all the great products! April 10, 2012
Reviewer: Kristofer Hopkins from Fort Meade, MDThanks for all the great products!  
Washed today (CG Citrus Clear), clayed with CG Synthetic Quick Detailer,
then two coats of Jetseal 109 applied by PC 7424xp.  The sealant is
currently curing and tomorrow morning some Pete's 53 will be lovingly
applied before heading out to a local auto meet.

I started using CG Citrus Wash Gloss, then it took off from there.
Currently built my own collection to include the CG wash bucket w/ guard,
various autowashes, Cut 1.0, 3n Polish, CG all in one polish, Synthetic
detail, waterless wash ... and the list ends somewhere far later with
Jetseal 109 and Pete's 53 (my current favorite combo).

Thanks for all the great products!


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BIG THANKS to you Chemical Guys. April 10, 2012
Reviewer: Rolando G.  
Hi Chemical Guys,
I have been using your products for a few years now and I wanted to thank
you for your great products. My wife and I have a few cars and between
working and taking care of our home, I still find time to keep all of
them clean. A little story here. When my wife and I first met, she would
have her car washed by the neighborhood detailer every other Saturday. Well,
I order some of your products, cleaned her car and the neighborhood detailer
got the boot. Your products make any the job so fun and easy. Your soaps
clean well, the waxes go on and come off easy and the GLOSS. I get a mirror
shine every time. I have used many products in the past. Some of the have
been off the shelf and others have been purchased from detail shops but none
have been as good as your products. I need products that work and work well
because I have limited time in my day. I have attached a few pictures of our
cars and in one of them, you can see the reflection of some of your
products. BIG THANKS to you Chemical Guys.

Keep the shiney side up,
Rolando G.

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Thank You Chemical Guys April 10, 2012
Reviewer: Brian Guy from Orland Florida  
Thanks for some great products. Brian Guy's Photos - car 1099 Brandon Coates- Detail Done with Chemical Guys Products In memorial of Brandon Coates, Orlando Police Officer lost his life Dec. 8th 2010
by Brian Guy, Orland Florida

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only I can say is WOW December 21, 2011
Reviewer: martin from MAMMOTH LAKES, CA United States  
My Golf GTI MKIV  black magic pearl is a mirror again !!!  
got this Pete's 53 and a Butter wet wax  can say this combination is explosive now I want to try more stuff like a paint sealant for next round , easy on easy off both products

well lets the photos do the taliking , thanks chemical guys !!!
edited , how do you post photos here cant make it work

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