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BIG THANKS to you Chemical Guys. April 10, 2012
Reviewer: Rolando G.  
Hi Chemical Guys,
I have been using your products for a few years now and I wanted to thank
you for your great products. My wife and I have a few cars and between
working and taking care of our home, I still find time to keep all of
them clean. A little story here. When my wife and I first met, she would
have her car washed by the neighborhood detailer every other Saturday. Well,
I order some of your products, cleaned her car and the neighborhood detailer
got the boot. Your products make any the job so fun and easy. Your soaps
clean well, the waxes go on and come off easy and the GLOSS. I get a mirror
shine every time. I have used many products in the past. Some of the have
been off the shelf and others have been purchased from detail shops but none
have been as good as your products. I need products that work and work well
because I have limited time in my day. I have attached a few pictures of our
cars and in one of them, you can see the reflection of some of your
products. BIG THANKS to you Chemical Guys.

Keep the shiney side up,
Rolando G.

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Compliment getter January 8, 2012
Reviewer: Josh B. from NJ United States  
This instant detailer is a game changer. I've yet to use a better product in this category, and I've tried a TON. The gloss factor is INSANE and the lubricity is very very apparent for a scratch free affair. Bonus points for making it smell like cotton candy.

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Customer for Life May 23, 2011
Reviewer: Jarod Morey  
Just found you guys last week after reading some reviews. Just used Extreme Slick Synthetic -Acrylic Polymer Detailer (Anti-Static) (16 Oz) for the first time. All I can say is wow... Works much better then other more expensive Detailers. You have a new Customer for Life. Can't wait to try more of your Products.

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The Best Detailer May 6, 2011
Reviewer: William A Steele III from Santa Rosa, CA United States  
I have used several Instant Detailing Products by the major "name brand" manufacturers purchased at retail outlets.
Products by Turtle Wax, Meguiars, Mother's, and Eagle One.  None of these were great, and I was happiest with the Eagle One product, until I used your Extreme Slick for the first time.  I misted the whold car while it was wet after I washed it, and then dried it with one of your microfiber towels.  I was blown away at the results, ease of use and shine.  The other retail purchased products were mediocre at best.  Extreme Slick is by far the shiniest and easist to remove.  It is simply awesome!!!  It is even easy to remove if you let it dry, and I have used it in 86 degree weather in direct sunlight, don't recommend this, but it wiped right off.  Your products rock, and I will never go back to the retail "name brand" products.  Can't wait to buff and polish my car, as I ordered over $400 of products from you, and I am sure I will love all of them.  Chemical guys rock!

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Fantastic Product May 28, 2008
Reviewer: Jeff P.  

I received my order last week and I wanted to let you know that your Synthetic Quick
Detailer is a fantastic product that is incredibly easy to use and leaves the
glossiest shine possible. I will obviously be using it on my vehicles from now on.

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