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Used it to clean my carpet August 18, 2009
Reviewer: Mike from Hawthorne, CA United States  
Used the carpet cleaner by hand and then with an extractor machine to steam my carpets. Rented the steamer and used the carpet cleaner. The stuff is amazing, worked great and left a nice citrus scent.  I first tried the $67 a gallon recommended Brand what a rip off.  This stuff cleans fast and costs practically nothing.  I did a 1800 sq. foot home with less then 32 oz.

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Bad Dog...! July 3, 2009
Reviewer: Joshua Bachman from Ferndale, MI United States  
I just received a HUGE Chemical Guy's order, including Lightning Fast.  Unfortunately, my first opportunity to use it was on a ketchup stain my Yellow Lab put right in the middle of my living room floor (she got in the garbage).  So, I broke it out and applied it to the stain.  I let it dwell for a few minutes, and blotted with a flannel towel.  GONE!  Another hit by Chemical Guy's!

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Coffee stains, pet stains and milk NO MORE March 18, 2009
Reviewer: Mike Tompson from Sacramento CA  
Like every product I have from you guys..................this one is equally amazing.  My kid Jr. spilled Coke all over our new rug in the house.  I had some pre-mixed lighting fast in he garage so I grabbed it sprayed the carpet, waited a few minutes and  blotted it with my wives "Nice Cotton Towel" and bye-bye stain.  I must tell you that my wife was very pissed at me using the towel but the stain came out like nothing was ever there.  I also used it in the truck when our dog decided to pee all over the back seat.  I sprayed it down and brushed it first them used a terry towel to get it all clean.  I also used your So Fast odor eater to get rid of that "My dog drinks beer smell" from the seat.  Good stuff guys!

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Cleans fast and the stain never returns A+ March 18, 2009
Reviewer: Nancy Peterson from San Francisco CA  
Lightning fast is just great.  I can mix it 4 to one for very hard stains and simply spray it down and brush away the stain.  I can mix it 15 to 1 and us it on seats and carpet and I can mix it 25 to 1 and use it as the best interioir cleaner ever.  It cleans carpet very fast and doesn't leave a nasty wet mark when I am done.  Lightning fast!...............Where have you been all this time?

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