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It looks tremendous on any color April 10, 2012
Reviewer: Todd Cooperider  
Chemical Guys E-zyme Natura Wax Review

by Todd Cooperider

To many of us, waxing our vehicles with a paste wax is a therapeutic event that brings us joy and relaxation. Picture a beautiful Saturday morning when we get up early to wash our cars in the mild morning light. The air is cool, the birds are chirping, and the world around us is just starting to awaken as we set out to restore a bit of beauty to our prized possession. Once the washing and drying phase is complete, we actually look forward to the defining moment of the process…hand waxing. It brings out a sense of pride in ownership, a feeling of accomplishment, and it gives us a connection to our vehicles that is hard to define. Let’s face it, we’re nuts about our cars, and since you’re here reading this on the Detailed Image website, you’ve got the same level of sickness that I do. It’s okay to admit it!  

Now when it comes to waxing, we have so many to chose from that it’s hard to figure out what we should be using. We’re also on a never ending quest to find that “perfect” wax for our cars. I think it’s a safe bet to say that you have multiple wax containers in your arsenal because you’re searching for that Holy Grail of waxes. Once again, that’s okay…we all do!
As you’re probably aware, there are waxes of just about every variety, color, scent, and price range. Some provide us with a brilliant finish, but don’t last long. Others may have increased durability, but don’t provide the best shine. Some may be finicky about the application. The comparisons and contrasts among the different waxes are almost endless.

I want to introduce you to a paste wax that shares a lot of commonalities among the higher end waxes out on the market, but it also throws in a twist or two that you may not be used to.
Chemical Guys E-zyme Natura Wax has been in my arsenal for about 6 months now. I have used it on a wide variety of vehicles, and wanted to get plenty of time to work with it before preparing a full review of the product.

As you’ve probably already assumed, it is named “Natura” because all of the natural ingredients that go into the production of this (limited) wax. Given the nature of the ingredients, this wax is produced only once per year.
For a full description of what goes into the makeup of E-zyme Natura, I will provide the copy directly from Chemical Guys:
E-zyme Natura is natural. The finest natural wax available. Developed from the most refined natural tropical oil extracts and utilizing the hardest and most durable protective agents nature can produce combined with natural enzymes to deliver a natural paste wax unlike anything you have ever seen or smelled before 100% naturally
This full bodied wax is enriched naturally from rare all natural oils and fruit extracts to deliver an all natural wax with unmatched shine, depth and a warm full bodied shine you could only expect from the highest quality waxes. Natura means nature, bringing together nature’s finest components to create E-zyme Natura the best of Mother Earth’s rejuvenating oils and extracts brought together to formulate a nourishing wax that conditions and restores, reviving and highlighting colors to the best of natures ability.
59% by volume pure Brazilian grade number one non-bleached all natural carnauba palm wax from Northern Brazil and grade number one yellow carnauba wax gives E-zyme Natura the ability to shine like no other wax.
 Due to naturally derived seasonal oils and enzymes, E-zyme will only be produced mid-year in small runs. Due to rare ingredients, availability may be limited. E-zyme Natura….. Go natural.
When you open the container to begin your waxing routine, you’re immediately greeted with a wonderful scent unlike any other wax I’ve tried before. Sure it sounds silly to judge a wax by how it smells, but a great scent that permeates your garage for hours can add to the enjoyment of the process, whereas an unpleasant smell can easily deter you from wanting to ever wax again!
One of the keys to a proper wax job that leaves you with the best finish is to apply a consistently thin layer on the surface of the car, and it’s no different with e-Zyme. The method I use to help with this is to lightly drag the applicator across the buttery soft e-Zyme to get a consistent coating, and then drag that applicator across a second applicator (or foam polishing pad) to ensure that the applicator has an even distribution of wax on it as possible. When you look at the applicator it should simply be “wet” with wax, not caked on.
When applying e-Zyme Natura to the surface of the paint, you will find that it goes on as smoothly as you can imagine. There are waxes on the market that look good, but are challenging during the application and/or removal process. This is not the case with e-Zyme. Honestly I can’t imagine the application or removal process to be any simpler.

Another key to a great looking coat of wax is making sure that it has time to cure before removing the residue from the surface. I tried a few different methods, and found that I achieved the best results when allowing the e-Zyme to to cure for at least 45 minutes before buffing the surface with a plush microfiber towel. Also be sure to use several of your most plush microfiber towels for the removal process to ensure that you’re actually removing the residue and not merely spreading it around due to the fact that your towel is saturated.

As with any wax, you want to make sure that the surface is completely clean and free from any previous waxes before applying to ensure a good bond. If the vehicle hasn’t just been polished, I would recommend prepping the surface first with Chemical Guys Vertua-Bond 408 before hand waxing. Vertua-Bond preps the surface by removing any waxes or oils from the finish, and it acts like a bonding agent that will make the application look better, and last longer.
For some people, this price still may be hard to justify. With many others however, it is not that difficult. Let me give you a few examples of pricing on other products out there to help you better understand how high-end waxes are so popular.
If you simply look at price comparisons of wax and try to quantify it in terms of “gloss per dollar”, then you’ll never be able to justify the cost. If product (x) is $27.50 and product (y) is $275.00, then is product (y) 10 times better looking than product (x)? Of course it isn’t. If that’s the case, then why would you buy it? Well let’s look into this further. Why would anybody buy a $2,800.00 Louis Vuitton suitcase when you can go get an off-brand at your local department store for $50? The fact of the matter is that when you get to your final destination, your clothes will still be wrinkled regardless of which suitcase you use! And what about watches…does the $5k Rolex tell time better than the $100 Timex? No. Another one of my hobbies is high-end audio equipment. You can buy a $20 interconnect cable, or you can buy a $2,000 cable. Does the more expensive model sound 100 times better? No. There are so many subtleties involved when comparing products at different price range, and they can’t always be broken down into performance by dollar. You have to look at how a product is made, what materials go into it, how much of it is made, how much research and development is involved, etc, etc. When you’re looking at higher end products, sometimes it’s as simple as buying it because you know you’re getting one of the absolute best products on the market.

The same goes with wax as it does with luggage, watches, or audio equipment. If you think that a product that costs 10 times as much is going to work 10 times better then you’ll probably be dissatisfied. There’s so much more to it than simple math.
I can say that after spending quite a bit of time with Chemical Guys e-Zyme Natura wax, I am extremely happy with the product. For me it’s about the whole package…the ingredients, the ease of application, the scent, and finally the performance and looks once it’s been applied. I also get a high level of satisfaction knowing that I am working with one of the finest products out there. Not once after using it will I be wondering if it could look better if I had used a “better” product. This is the emotional aspect of a product that drives people to buy it just like they do the high-end luggage, watches, or audio equipment. They simply feel good knowing they have some of the best out there, and they don’t second guess themselves.
Used properly, Chemical Guys e-Zyme Natura wax will compete with the best out there. It looks tremendous on any color that I’ve tested it on, and when combined with the ease of application and removal, it makes this wax a winner in my book. Highly recommended for the most discerning consumers and detailers!

Ferrari California: Prepped with CG Vertua-Bond, then topped with E-zyme Natura Wax

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E-zyme is the best on Black Cars November 15, 2010
Reviewer: Jesus Haro from LA, CA United States  
I have just used my E-zyme jar of paste wax on a selected few customers . Just one the cars . But only my premium package includes a Car Wash , CG Final Polish polishing and CG Butter Wax , and a final layer of Enzyme wax. I am very satisfied with the results I got. Thanks CG!

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