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Thank you, you have earned a lifetime customer June 20, 2010
Reviewer: Joshua Bachman from Frendale MI  
Dear Chemical Guy's staff,

The reason I am writing is twofold, First, on my initial "big" order, I had ordered
the 3 pack of wash pads, when I received my order, I was shipped three wash mitts.
I immediately contacted Dee and informed him of the problem.  "No problem" he said,
we'll get those right out to you.  I received them today.  Thank you Dee.

Secondly, I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your products.  Every one I
have tried has lived up to or exceeded it's description.  I love the economical
aspects of your products as well.  I have been using products from another online
retailer for years, never heard of Chemical Guy's until a couple of months ago.  I
decided to try a couple products just to see what they were like.  All I can say is
WOW!  Just yesterday I detailed my own personal vehicle, 8 hours worth of
detailing.  I used EZ Creme Glaze, Jet Seal 109, followed by some Pete's 53.  My
ride has NEVER looked so good.

.Thank you Chemical Guy's, you have earned a lifetime customer

Joshua Bachman

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A must have October 29, 2009
Reviewer: Ed Hartman from Bristow, VA United States  
If you want to amp up any wax/sealant, this is the ticket. Put on a coat of EZ then your favorite wax/sealant. One of the best products in my arsenal. Two thumbs up, I wouldn't be without it.

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This is a great product! I have never used September 12, 2006
Reviewer: Ash from SE Ohio: Columbus  
Extreme EZ Glaze used a black LC pad and I had no dusting (except very
slight when I over worked the product for to long on one panel). Very
clear, a little went a long way (infact that can be said for all the
polishes) and finished to the point that I was only using the mf to
buff the panel. This is a great product. I feel that maybe, I used too
little as I expected to see a deeper finish. ote that I have never used
a glaze before. However, The result looked great after half a day when
I went to apply the carnauba.<br>
<img style="width: 227px; height: 170px;" alt="" src="EasyEditor/assets/car23.jpg" align="" border="0"><br>

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Wet Reflective Shine with Extreme Ease July 23, 2006
Reviewer: Andrew Wahl from Barrington, IL United States  
This glaze is perfect.  The glaze goes and off exteremely easily and lightly fills imperfections.  This is the most durable glaze I've used yet.  As a standalone last step product, it can last 6 weeks on a daily driver (a lot longer on a car that stays in the garage more).  This glaze gives the wettest shine I've ever seen and is a perfect base for a wax or even a sealant.  One of my favorite products.

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Appropriate name Outstanding results June 2, 2006
Reviewer:  gb from Ohio  
The name says it all. Extreme Shine is exactly that and more.This product is almost too easy to use. So easy to apply and even easier to remove.  When I first applied it to my son's black Mustang I could not believe the wetness and depth that came thru. It was 3 dimensional and crystal clear. The car is taken care of regularly with a variety of products but none produced the results of Extreme Shine and I've used many other well regarded products. The results were the same on my wifes black accord. I also used this on my silver van to see what type of results I'd get and was not disappointed. 5+ stars. If you want to try a different and I think better glaze you will be amazed at the results you'll get with EZ~Creme Glaze. This is one product I plan on buying and using regularly.

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