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Return to Chemical Guys GAP_105_16 - P40 Polish - Final Step Finish Polish - A Perfect Finish Polish (16 oz)
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couldn't believe how nice the car looked March 9, 2010
Reviewer: Phil M.  
Thanks Chemical Guys!! I should be placing an order this week. One other thing  
I wanted to point out in regards to the CG products. About 6 months  
ago I detailed a close friends Blue Shelby Cobra GT-500 2008. I washed  
(citrus hyper), clayed it, P40 Polish + (white ccs pad), M-seal and  
Blitz. The car was driven about 20 miles and has sat outside uncovered  
for 3-4 months. Snow and all..

Just yesterday, my friend called to say the snow melted off of the car  
and he and his wife couldn't believe how nice the car still looked. I  
had him drive it over so I could detail it as it was going back in the  
garage. *After only washing it, I was blown away by the way the car  
looked!! It looked as if it had been detailed!!

Take Care,

Phil M.

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Great Job Chemical Guys! October 17, 2009
Reviewer: Dustin Ramsey from Mars Hill, NC United States  
No need to wax after using this stuff, there is a ridiculous amount of depth to this simple one step product, removes slight scratches and imperfections while maintain extreme depth for paint. If you want to make a car look outstanding use this stuff! Ive used this stuff on every sport car I detailed and this stuff makes the paint look new, wait better! Try it out you'll love it! Look into Pro-Polish Nano 3n too!

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pro polish August 13, 2008
Reviewer: andrew hasman from east rochester, NY United States  
i have been detailing for over twenty years, i have never seen a product like this it is simply AMAZING  i bought an  black 02 GTP last oct. and it was scratched pretty bad i used stuff from other manf but nothing even comes close to this polish it looks like somebody dumped water on the car and it just sat there    you will not be dissappointed w/ this great prduct

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Great Product January 11, 2008
Reviewer: George Bernacchi from Howell, NJ United States  
Want to prep before a wax and clean up paint before wax or sealant. This is it!!! Easy enough to rub on and off by hand with OUTSTANDING RESULTS. Cleaned up 4 2008 Black Vettes for customers after dealer delivery. Washed, Clayed, Pro-Polish By hand and Jet-Sealed 2X and WOW.  Machine only makes it so much better, but didn't need to use it. hand App was enough and Paint was 100% True.

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