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Works! August 20, 2012
Reviewer: David Gerlach from Gainesville, VA United States  
So, I was skeptical.  However, I couldn't find anything similar anywhere.  So, I paid $12 to ship a $7 bottle of cow fragrance :)  Crazy huh?

Well the stuff  WORKS!  Smells pretty close to new leather.  Best of all, I can not smell the smoke that I couldn't get rid of despite a very thorough interior detail.  I have used all the other products with no luck: Mequiar's, Ozium, etc..

I recommend the product!

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my hermes handbag part 2 May 5, 2012
Reviewer: QUIANA JONES from millville, NJ United States  
This is the best, I swear to god it smells just like my real leather Hermes bag! I mean sooooooooo sexy I sprayed a little on my vinyl sofa oh my god it smelled so so nice.  I also sprayed my hand bag dust covers as well, smells just, just like real leather 2 me.  So I decided I needed another 16oz  so I would never run out; well  I ran again!  Before I had a change to reorder I ran out again. I was very upset but turned around and bought another bottle, I just got it yesterday.  My 1st bottle I bought was back on March 26 last me a whole month.  I’m so in love with this stuff but next time for sure I’ll get a gallon size.

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Wonderful! April 8, 2012
Reviewer: Shannon from Jamesburg, NJ United States  
This is hands down the best New Car scent ever. It is reminiscent of the original little black can of That New Car Smell which is no longer made. The Chemical Guys nailed it and made it better.

Whether you have leather or not in your chariot, this is a must have. Also works great in the home: a clean fresh scent. Do not spray on plastics. Can be diluted 1:1 with distilled water.

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It is exactly what it says on the label January 2, 2012
Reviewer: Hugh W from Frisco, TX United States  
Daniel W may be right that someone who works in a leather shop will know that the scent is not genuine.  But, if you're not a tanner, this stuff is more than enough to restore the scent you get from your leather interior/leather furniture when it was new.  In my experience, a generous spritz under the seats my my car lasts about two weeks and that's a lot longer than I would have expected.  I will buy again when the bottle I have runs out.

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Love it on my couches and in the car July 31, 2010
Reviewer: Jen P. Emerson from Lake Buena Vista Florida  
I have tried a lot of products, but none that have come close to the smell of my new leather interior.  My Lexus GS is now 3 years old and was starting to smell like "the family"..  I tried a few leather conditioners to restore the smell but no luck.  I really enjoy the way your Leather Scent smells and I get a lot of complements when people get into my car.  People are always asking me, "Is it new?" I smile and always reply "Yes" .

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Last long but not exactly leather smell July 31, 2010
Reviewer: Daniel W. from Champlain, NY United States  
I work in an upholstery shop, so I know what leather smell like and I know what leatherette smell like. That stuff smell more like leatherette than real leather, it has a small hint of plasticish-smell that make you doubt it's real leather. Could work in a new car smell with some plastic but for high-class leather interior, it might not be the best smell.

BUT it does last long! so the product is great just maybe the smell is not quite REAL LEATHER more like fake leather

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MMMMMM true smell....... January 9, 2010
Reviewer: Tracey Tonic from Newark, NJ United States  
I purchased a small bottle of leather scent hoping it would be the scent i have been searching for, for quite a few years now. But to my surprise it was better than i had expected. Opening the box i thought i was unwrapping a brand new car. It has the true, true smell of brand new leather seats. If you are someone who loves the smell of a new car with leather interior but don't want that scent to ever fade.Trust me please purchase leather scent. I guarantee you will be a life time customer, because I am.  Enjoy!

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