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great !! July 14, 2014
Reviewer: Christian Ruiz from Miami , DC United States  
Great product with great shine just wondering if I can put this over jet seal. Because I put it over a glaze and it looks amazing

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Amazing December 16, 2013
Reviewer: Andrew Covit from East Brunswick, NJ United States  
E-zyme Natura wax is simply the best wax I have ever used. Easy application with stellar results yielding unprecedented color and depth from my Estoril Blue Audi S5. Excellence!

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Lava & Jetseal did for this paint was jaw dropping April 16, 2012
Reviewer: Scott Nichols from Distinct Detail  
Dear Chemical Guys,

Here are some pics of an orange/copper color, black with blue flake Suzuzi hayabusa. What the combination of Lava & Jetseal did for this paint was jaw dropping not only for me but also the client (talk about epic shine). Top it off it had full carbon fiber rims that was one step polished with V38 an finished off with E-Zyme paste wax. One word "Gorgeous"!!!

This bike started out with a nice thorough wash with eco smart. Then followed up with the Grey (Medium) clay bar used with Luber.

Bike was a two step polish first with V36 orange Hex-Logic pad. Second phase was V38 with a Black Hex-Logic pad. Next was 1 layer of Blacklight applied with a chubby microfiber applicator pad, topped off with LAVA. Black trim was topped off with G6 which was the cherry on top. This bike is so bright and beautiful as I was doing the final wipe down and taking pictures 8 sets of neighbors stopped to look at it and commented how awesome it looked. Thanks again.

Scott Nichols
Distinct Detail

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The new E-Zyme paste wax is unbelievable April 11, 2012
Reviewer: Sergio G.  
Dear Chemical Guys,

My hat goes off to you gentlemen.  The new E-Zyme paste wax is unbelievable.  I would normally say, " The pictures speak for themselves", but seeing the finish of these two cars in person is even better, they look gorgeous. The depth, clarity and shine are just breath taking.  With a client base as picky as mine, only perfect is good enough.We have so many expensive products in the shop, I sometimes wonder if I am going crazy. Nothing I have used has come close the finish of your new paste.....it's perfect.  

Keep up the great work.

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The paint looks wonderful. April 11, 2012
Reviewer: Anonymous Person  
Well Guys, I promised I would get around to taking some pictures of how great the car looks with Ezyme on it and 4 weeks after my first application I am finally sending in a picture.  I have not washed it since, every few days I wipe it down with the detailer and 2 clean towels I keep behind the seat at all time. After 1 coat of jetseal109 and a coat of Ezyme the car looked better then I could have ever imagined. I had to take the picture with my phone because I didn't have a camera handy.  The paint looks wonderful. I didn't think the car could look any better than the day I picked it up.....and 13,000 miles later, it shines like a diamond. All of teh products I have tried  are very ease to use and quite a lot of fun. The Ezyme smells great and really brings out the color unlike anything I have seen before.  Great stuff.  

Pierce Casey
Santa Barbara CA.

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E-zyme Paste Wax , very very nice product! April 11, 2012
Reviewer: Marc E. from UK  
Hey guys I'd just like to show you the detail I've just done with your new E-zyme Paste Wax , very very nice product and I'm sure it will sell well , thanks...
Marc E. UK

Ok today I got a chance to do a real classic in my eyes Geoff who has sold his Aston to fund this as its something he has always wanted and he felt after searching for many years for a real quality example this one was the right one..

The car in question is a Triumph 2000 Roadster which I would presume are quite rare now and this one is in pristine condition inside and out.

Design work started in 1944 following Standard's wartime purchase of Triumph, with the objective of producing a saloon and sports roadster, using a common engine, gearbox and similar running gear. The 1,776cc overhead engine and gearbox which Standard had been supplying to Jaguar for their 1 1/2 litre saloon was initially employed using the existing Flying Standard rear axle. The chassis featured an all-new design which included independent front suspension and comprised of two large-diameter steel tubes joined by cross braces. With a shortage of post-war sheet steel, the main body panels were of aluminum alloy, the bodywork being styled by Standard's Frank Callaby, who included a dickey seat, similar to the design of the pre-war Dolomite Roadster coupe. Launched in March 1946 alongside the razor-edged 1800 saloon, the larger engine was introduced in 1948, featuring the 2,088cc, 3-speed gearbox together with a new rear axle, which came across from the newly-introduced Standard Vanguard. Power increased from 65 to 68bhp, raising the top speed from 70 to 77mph.

The Triumph is in black and is stunning..

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The Paint was stunning! April 11, 2012
Reviewer: David G. from GLASGOW BENTLEY  
Our local performance Glasgow Bentley,  requested some products to be dropped off  for their valet dept While I was there I couldn't help but notice a nice little Aston Martin.

Turns out they had a customer due the next morning to view it and it was needing some paint correction .Luckily enough I had some time and  some products with me .Caledonia was using our premises and I decided  to give him a call to ask for assistance as time was going to be against me as the service dept required the valet bay back earlier than expected :mad:

The car itself was in not bad condition apart from quite a lot of etching over various parts of the car .
Here is an example of what i was up against: First up was to give the car a basic wash and then dry with a Miracle Dryer ,then get it inside to do some correction work

As time was against me I struggled to get some decent pictures of the process

Correction was achieved with Chemical Guys new  Polish  No. 323 and the new Chemical Guys Hex Logic Black Finishing Pads

With the new Polish my process involved spritzing the new pads with some Chemical Guys Pad Conditioner ,the main benefit being a massive reduction in dusting ,although the new polish was designed for minimal dusting and maximum performance

Application via rotary began with spreading the polish at speed 1 ,and  slowly working the speed up to around 1800 rpm for correction .The polish itself seemed remarkably easy to use with little or no dusting

LSP used was EZyme paste wax ,it even attracted a few mechanics over who were enquiring about the smell of the wax in the service bay LOL. More importantly remember the etching from earlier ?
This car was a pleasure to work on and the flake that was popping was stunning to say the least

It was time for the baby to go to the showroom in time for the potential buyer arriving in the morning ,in the showroom the valet
dept would dress the tyres etc

Many thanks to Caledonia for helping me out .

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  45 of 45 people found the following review helpful:
Reviewer: Anonymous Person  
Your products are second to none. The Hex-logic pads delivered superior results during the reconditioning of project Ferrari.  The client was extremely pleased and excited to once again see the shine of a better then new Ferrari.  A final double coat of E-zyme took the paint depth and reflectivity to a new level,.  the finish was amazing.  Thanks Chemical Guys!

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Audi R8 finished topped with chemical guys Ezyme. April 10, 2012
Reviewer: Marc Heavenly Detail Elsworth's from London, United Kingdom  
Just got done with a Audi R8 polished with V oine polished and finished with E-Zyme .... It looks amazing..

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The wet glossy look is simply stunning! April 10, 2012
Reviewer: Tim from Envy Valeting UK  
Dear David,

I just wanted to thank you for recommending Chemical Guys E-zyme wax to me. I used it for the 1st time last week on a rare Ferrari 166 Inter paint correction detail. The wet glossy look this wax imparted is simply stunning.
I have attached some pics for your viewing pleasure. Once again, thanks for the excellent service, advise and top products. A pleasure doing business with you.

Best wishes

Tim aka Envy Valeting UK

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