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Great for tracks January 6, 2014
Reviewer: Kevin Cox from Mountain home AFB, ID United States  
I enjoy using this stuff for my door tracks and behind the hinges it seems to break down the grime and dirt that gets tucked away. Works nicely on the kick panels in the driver and passenger sides too. Works nice on the plastics around my cold air intake where the lube had got on it.

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Your products rock. April 11, 2012
Reviewer: Roger Carolfi from Prescott, WI  
Chemical Guys Team;

Attached is a picture of a Hummer I detailed using your products, the customer couldn't believe
it. I'm generating a lot of interest for the Spring.

I also have been doing quite well doing interior detailing during this cold &*^%$ing winter we've
been having.  Feel free to put the Hummer on your site.

Your products rock.


Roger Carolfi
Finish First Auto Center
Prescott, WI

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She was extremely happy with the results. April 11, 2012
Reviewer: Ed Espinosa-ED DID IT DETAILING from SFV California  
Dear Chemical Guys,
I did my latest detail on Easter Sunday after visiting Paul and his crew on Saturday.  I picked up a few things for the detail and some great advice from Mel and Paul. I started with the interior first because it takes more time to do. I used green clean on all the panels and carpets and on the tougher spots I used lighting fast stain extractor and I could not believe how well it worked. I just sprayed it on and let it sit and blot it with a towel and it was gone. On the wheels, tires, and wheel wells, I used diablo wheel gel and red hot degreaser. I used a soft brush on the wheels and they came out clean. Then on the wheel wells, I scrubbed it with a brush and I could not believe how good the dirt came off. Next was the engine. I just sprayed on red hot degreaser with a brush to agitate it. Next came washing the vehicle. I poured one third of citrus wash + gloss in a foam gun and the rest with water. This stuff is amazing! Then I used your new yellow waffle weave drying towel to dry the car. Then I clayed the vehicle with medium grade clay with speed wipe spray. Back to the interior, I cleaned and conditioned the leather seats using your leather cleaner/conditioner combo. No brush was needed, just a microfiber towel to clean. Now it is time to correct the paint. Since they were only a few light scratches I decided to use pro-polish with a green hex logic pad on a pc. I did a test spot with this combination and it came out amazing. I did a few passes over the car to remove the imperfections and now it was time to protect the paint. I put on two coats of 50/50 paste wax. This wax is so easy to use, even in the sun. My client came out and had to put on sunglasses because she could not believe the glare off the car. She was extremely happy with the results. Thanks once again for all your wonderful advice and knowledge of your products. Everything I used from chemical guys is the best.

Thanks again,
Ed Espinosa
Ed Did It Auto Detailing

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good stuff..... December 9, 2009
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from San Jose, CA United States  
I bought this 16oz sized bottle to try out, and I can honestly say it works as described. I use it on my door panels and on interior and it has not harmed the colors at all. I diluted the product just like it was recommend and and am happy with it.........

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Multi-purpose cleaner works great October 5, 2008
Reviewer: Mike S from Hawthorne, CA United States  
I had a friend tell me about the GreenClean product. I have been getting a lot of ants on my back patio, and my friend suggested spraying GreenClean around the area because ants do not like the smell (smells fine to me). Well I can say my friend was 100% correct. I did not dilute the product at all and sprayed GreenClean around my patio. I then hosed the product off a bit into my lawn. Two things happened: first, the ants have stayed away, second the item did not harm my lawn at all. I've also used the product on the side of my house, it cleans great without killing my vegitation. I've also used the product in my bathroom at it works wonders on soap scum and toothpaste in the sink!

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A cleaner unlike any other. February 13, 2008
Reviewer: Peter Hettish from Bowie MD.  
OK, first let me say that your products are some of the best in the world.  My garage and our office are full with so many products and chemicals that I could detail half of the State we live in and still have chemicals left over.   I got a 16oz bottle of greanCLEAN about 2 weeks ago from a friend of mine...back when is was called "Total Interior"  I hope it's the same stuff, because if it is, this product is amazing!  I mixed that little bottle with a gallon of water and wow. It cleans so fast and so well.  I can clean the door jams, interior parts, wheels, vinyl, I even cleaner the carpet in the house with it.  Jeff our Manager uses it for everything.  Truly a great product

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