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  Chemical Guys HOL_201 - Black Paint Maintenance Kit (6 Items)
Black Car Wax Complete Black Paint Care Kit

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Product Code: HOL_201

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Black Paint Maintenance Kit (6 Items)

What's Included?

Why Buy This Product?

  • Perfect for black and dark colored paintwork
  • Advanced color enhancing technology
  • Quick and easy application
  • Extreme durability
  • Repels water, contamination, and ultraviolet radiation
  • Brightest shine for the darkest paintwork
  • Ultra smooth finish
  • Exclusive cold blend manufacturing process
  • Enhances reflective clarity

About This Kit

Black is unlike any color in the world, and as such it shouldn't be treated like any other color. Everyone knows the look of a freshly waxed Black car driving down the road. Black has the ability to look classy and elegant, while at the same time appearing evil and sinister. The color Black even has the ability to shine more than any other color paintwork. Freshly waxed Black paintwork looks deep, wet, and has a distinct gloss that has attracted a unique crowd of enthusiasts for years. Chemical Guys has assembled a Black kit of all our customer favorites to take your back finish to the max. A must-have kit for the car enthusiasts who want it Black: a deep, dark, and simply perfect finish. A premium shine kit backed with everything you need to perfect and protect any Black finish.

Highest Level of Perfection

Black takes your dark colored paintwork to the next level. The patented Chemical Guys Color Enhancing Technology™ allows Black to take your shine to the highest level of perfection. Our proprietary manufacturing method utilizes a patented cold emulsion process to give Black the deepest shine possible. The unique cold emulsion process allows Black to be created with zero heat keeping the protective super polymers in the strongest molecular state. Using advanced super polymers that repel airborne pollutants, water, and ultraviolet radiation while providing a deep shine that is guaranteed to impress any enthusiast using Black. The unique wax uses synthetic polymers that bond to the surface creating a durable shield of protection. The Chemical Guys research and development team spent countless hours creating synthetic super polymers that leave a slick, non-stick surface that repels contaminates. Dark colored vehicles shine with more depth than ever imagined. Black will truly show you how bright your dark colored paintwork can shine.

Perfect for Black Paintwork

Black is one of the most popular color choices for automobiles today. The color Black portrays elegance, class, and style. Chemical Guys developed Black to make your dark paintwork shine. The unique synthetic super polymers allow Black and dark colored paintwork to have a crisp bright shine that really stands out in the sun. Black and dark colored paintwork require a special formula to provide the maximum level of depth. Black was engineered with our patented Color Enhancing Technology. This state-of-the-art color enhancer allows dark colored paintwork to produce crystal clear reflections of blue skies, orange sunsets, and green forest scenery. The advanced Black formula allows your Black and dark colored paintwork to act like a mirror that reflects color with depth and clarity. Just one coat of Black will let your dark colored paintwork shine bright in the sun and have that brilliant reflection at night. Black takes your paintwork to the next level of elegance.

Extreme Durability

Black is formulated to protect your dark colored paintwork all year round. Black paintwork is notorious for being the hardest color to keep clean. Chemical Guys Black keeps dark colored cars, trucks, and motorcycles looking amazing all year round. It protects Black paintwork from water spots, staining, and contamination keeping your dark colored paintwork looking as classy and elegant as the day it was created. The advanced super polymers built into the formula allow the surface to become hydrophobic and repel water. The extreme durability of Black gives you the ability to keep your dark colored paintwork in pristine condition all year round. Durability is the key when choosing the correct protection for your vehicle. Black is designed with high-tech UV protection to ensure your dark colored paintwork doesn’t become faded or discolored. Over time, the sun’s powerful UV rays can fade and discolor your Black paintwork giving a dull and neglected appearance to your vehicle. Makes sure your dark colored paintwork stays dark forever with the extreme durability of Black.

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Black on a BMW
How To Use:
Quick & Easy Application FOR BLACK – Traditional paste wax products are known for being extremely difficult to apply and even most challenging to remove. A traditional paste wax needs to be melted onto the applicator pad to ensure a smooth, thin coat on the surface. Black takes all these difficult challenges and sends them running for cover. The advanced formulation of Black allows for an application so easy it makes waxing your car fun! The semi-solid texture of Black allows the user to apply the thinnest coat possible achieving the highest level of epic shine. Removing Black is even easier! Simply remove Black with a few easy swipes of a quality microfiber towel to expose the true radiant beauty underneath.

Applying Black is so quick and easy, anyone can do it.

Directions / Use for Black Light
1. Washed using 1 cap full CG Glossworkz and 4 gallons warm water
2. Black Light applied by hand, DA or rotary with Hex logic finishing pad red or black)
3. Left to dry for 15 min. and buffed off with MF.

For shine fanatics like us we recommend you continue to the following:
4. Apply 2nd coat of Black Light by hand
5. Left to dry for 15 minutes
6. Wipe down using CG Hybrid V7 Hi-Gloss sealant spray for wipe down and final finish

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