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  Chemical Guys GAP_161 - Final Polish Mirco-Polish Pure Polish Paintwork Cleaner (1 Gal)
Chemical Guys GAP_161 - Final Polish Mirco-Polish Pure Polish Paintwork Cleaner (1 Gal)
Final Polish (1 Gal)
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Product Code: GAP_161

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  Chemical Guys GAP_161 - Final Polish Mirco-Polish Pure Polish Paintwork Cleaner (1 Gal)
Why Buy This Product?
  • Micro-polish paintwork cleaner
  • Formulated using polymers and micro-fine polishing agents
  • Restores paint to like-new conditions with little time, effort and cost
  • Gently removes minor imperfections, light oxidation, scratches and swirls
  • Delivers a safe, swirl-free finish
  • For superior finishing results use with the Blue Hex-Logic Pad
  • Also available in a 16 ounce size

How it Works
Final Polish is a pure, premium micro-polish paintwork cleaner that is formulated using polymers and micro-fine polishing agents to easily and gently remove - not hide - minor imperfections, light oxidation, scratches and swirls to restore paint to pristine condition preparing it for final coat of wax or sealant. Final Polish is an ultra-fine super polish that is engineered to help eliminate swirl marks and surface imperfections. The best way to maximize shine of any product you use is to properly prepare the surface before you apply you wax or sealant, prepare it right with Final Polish. Unlike other products, Final Polish actually removes imperfections and minor swirls, rather than just temporarily hiding them under waxes and fillers. The Final Polish is specifically designed to be used with a rotary buffer at speeds between 1,400 and 2,000 RPM. It can also be used with a PC or The Chemical Guys Ultimate Detailing Machine at speed settings 4-5. Using a Rotary buffer at a higher speed setting will improve the cut of Final Polish's micro-fine abrasives to remove the cause of swirl marks and light scratches. 

Customer Feedback
Dear Chemical Guys,

I followed your instructions exactly in that I did the following:
Washed - Glossworkz Gloss Enhancing Shampoo
Clayed - using clay from my existing stock with Luber clay lube
Polished - Final Polish
Seal x2 - Jetseal 109
Wax x2 - 50/50 Connoisseur Paste Wax Limited Edition
Detail - Hybrid V7 High Gloss Spray Sealant
Tires - New look Trim Gel

SL500 R230 (2003 year) was entered 25 June 2011 into the Mercedes-Benz Club National Concours Competition at MBUKís HQ in Milton Keynes, Enthusiastís Class division for two doors cars less than ten years old. The Enthusiastís Class is for Ďdaily runnersí such that judging is based upon a very close inspection of the exterior of the car with the roof up. The interior is judged by viewing through the windows only.

The engine bay, inside the boot and the underside of the car are not part of the judging remit.

The full preparation of the car took me between 30 hours and 40 hours (all by hand) and I am delighted to report that the car emerged as Class winner.

I think you will agree that the car did look the part and deserved its award.

Thank you Dave.

Michael J. Bennett

Beckley, Oxford

Other Sizes Available
The Final Polish is also available in a 16 ounce size.

Part Number
1 gallon (128 ounces)
Locking childproof cap
Grit range
Body shop safe
Hand application
Machine application
Safe for clear coat
Safe for light color cars
Safe for dark color cars
Intended users
Professionals, enthusiasts, consumers

Proudly Made in America

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