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  Chemical Guys BUF_001 - Counterweight for 6 Inch Backing Plates
Chemical Guys BUF_001 - Counterweight for 6 Inch Backing Plates
Counterweight for 6 Inch Backing Plates
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Product Code: BUF_001
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Counterweight for 6 Inch Backing Plates

Why Buy This Product?

  • 6 inch backing plate for Porter Cable 7424 XP & 7424
  • Balance your porter cable with the correct size counterweight
  • Reduce vibration
  • Prevent unit from wobbling

How it Works

This counterweight is a OEM Porter Cable counterweight for use with 6 inch backing plates for Porter Cable 7424 XP & 7424. If you want to change your 5 inch backing plate to a larger 6 inch backing plate - you need to change your counterweight accordingly. Not changing your counterweight will cause your Porter Cable unit to be unbalanced which will cause it to vibrate more and it will not work correctly. Dual Action polishers are designed to move in a random orbital motion. With all that movement, the polisher may become unbalanced and the user has to compensate for the added wobbling. This problem is easily corrected with the correct size counterweight. The Porter Cable backing plate and pad are set off to the center of the polishers spindle. The counterweights essential use is to balance the weight of the plate and pad. The right balance will reduce vibration and prevent the unit from wobbling.

Changing the Counterweight

1. Make sure the machine is not plugged in.
2. Remove 5 inch backing plate.
3. Behind the backing plate, you will see a counterweight labeled "Use 5 Inch Pad Only".
4. Removed the 2 screws from the counterweight with a flat head screw driver. 
5. Set new counterweight labeled "Use 6 Inch Pad Only".
6. Insert the 2 screws back in and tighten well.
7. Use with 6 inch backing plate only. 

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