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Chemical Guys offers the largest selection of assorted car wash tools.

Wash your auto with the finest car wash tools.  Wash mitts, microfiber chenille wash mitts, sponges, brushes, and foam guns are carefully selected to be both gentle on your vehicle and highly effective at removing dirt and grime.  Who does not like loads of foam and suds while washing a car?   To us washing is the most fun! The sun shining, the warmth of a summer day the amazing smell of Honeydew Snow Foam fills the air as you lay down a sea of snow foam onto your vehicle.

Weather you like the tradition 2 bucket method while washing your vehicle with a fluffy microfiber wash mitt or more into playing with some fun technology and trying out one of our Snow Foam Cannons Chemical what really counts is that you get it clean and have fun doing it.

What you use to wash your vehicle is usually a matter of personal preference and what works best for auto and of course you. Chemical Guys has compiled what we consider to be a great selection of wash mitts and pads to help you get any surface clean. From sheepskin, Moreno wool, chenille cotton, chenille microfiber, microfiber, soft synthetics and even the Schmitt premium wash mitt we offer a complete selection of premium  quality tools all offered at factory direct prices.

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